A first time for everything…

This marks the inaugural post of my new blog. Introductory matters first…My wife Naomi and I live in Wilmore, KY where I am a student at Asbury Theolgocial Seminary. I am also serving as pastor of Preachersville UMC while I am in school. I began this blog because I enjoy writing and hope to continue cultivating skill in it. I presently have no particular plans or theme for the blog. However, I imagine that it will include reflection on theology and events, book reviews, family news, etc. I am looking forward to it.

Grace and peace,


One thought on “A first time for everything…

  1. Not sure my previous message got through so will try again. Good beginning. You cannot possibly imagine the joy I feel in knowing that you are at Asbury, serving a church, married to your precious Naomi, and setting sail on your dream to become a UM pastor. God is so good. My love to Naomi. Love forever, Walter, sjc(In your balcony always)


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