The UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition

With the increasing availability of powerful Bible software, fewer and fewer students are learning to read the Bible in its original languages. The editors of The UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition are concerned and have published the present volume to help students read the New Testament at an earlier stage in their learning. The goal of this edition is to provide the minimum aid to help students achieve sustained reading of the New Testament texts in the original Greek.

To accomplish this goal, this edition has a running lexicon of the rarest words in the Greek New Testament. All words that occur 30 times or less are footnoted with their parsing and a contextual gloss at the bottom of the page. This enables a student to concentrate on reading the text without the distraction and discouragement of flipping through a lexicon for every other word. The glosses are contextual and should not be substituted for detailed lexical study, but they are well suited to meet the goal of sustained reading.

The text is that of the UBS critical edition without the critical apparatus. This will enable students to move to the critical editions of the Greek New Testament with ease. Be sure to get the UBS version and not the one published by Zondervan which uses an alternative Greek text that has been manipulated to fit the NIV.

I have found The Reader’s Edition to be a great motivation allowing me to spend more and more time in the Greek of the New Testament. This tool will enable student’s with a first year understanding of the language to begin to live in the Greek Bible. The Reader’s Edition meets a significant need in the world of biblical studies and I highly recommend it to those eager to learn the Greek of the New Testament.

3 thoughts on “The UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition

  1. matthave your reviewed the NET Bible Greek-English New Testament co-produced in partnership with the renowned German Bible Society. This new edition offers all the benefits of the internationally-acclaimed standard Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek text of the New Testament, in its most recent 8th corrected printing, complete with full textual apparatus and all its appendices combined with the English text of the NET Bible and a highly customized set of notes. This beautiful diglot is a large print, large format edition designed for easy reading and study. As the newest edition, it is available in two styles; tan hardback bonded leather and hand-sewn genuine black leather covering..for more information see and order


  2. It was published in 2007. I don’t think it hit the shelves until January ’08 though. It is a fairly new resource. It is a great tool. Several of my friends here have bought them as well. The Zondervan edition is not UBS. That’s the problem. It has a morphed Greek text that was designed to be read with the NIV. Perhaps its for people whose pastor preaches from the NIV. That seems unhelpful and perhaps counter productive. The link in the original post goes to the UBS version at CBD. It may be a little less at where you also get free shipping on orders over $25. Glad to hear you will spread the word. The more people reading Greek, the better.


  3. When was this published? I really wish I would have had this resource earlier – this looks incredible. I’m going to send the link to some of my buddies. Thank you so much brother!p.s.: I didn’t know Zondervan published a version of the “red” Greek New Testament? Is it UBS? Leave it to Zondervan to change to text! No surprise here.


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