The Way Back

More for Graeme Goldsworthy:

“The ‘law’ given to the first Adam, the first son of God, was broken, and mankind was thrown out of the garden into the wilderness.  The law given to Israel, the son of God, was broken, and the nation was thrown out of its promised land into the wilderness of exile.  A last Adam came as the truly obedient covenant partner of God, signifying his identification with a people that desperately needed his help.  We can almost hear heaven’s sigh of relief, ‘At last!  A true son of God.’ ‘You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased’ is God’s word of approval.  Then this true Adam, this true Israel, goes out into our wilderness to be tempted and to be victorious, so that he might make for us a way back into the garden of God” (Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, 159).

One thought on “The Way Back

  1. Makes sense. Good post.

    If God's plan is to undo what was done in Eden, and God is eternal, unchanging [Mal 3:6][Heb 13:8] all of his efforts must reflect eternal purpose [Eph 3:11].

    Your point must also hold true for other aspects of his involvement in human affairs (for example Noah shows God saving the few elected by faith etc.)



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