Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem and was publicly hailed as Son of David and Israel’s true king.  The ensuing events of Holy Week are the result of the city’s response to that declaration.  It remains the case today that one cannot hear the royal message of Palm Sunday and remain undecided with regard to King Christ.

One thought on “Palm Sunday

  1. Amen to Zechariah 9:9, Amen to Matthew 21:6-11, and Amen to your comments!

    (BTW an interesting study would be to answer the question, apart from its specific prophetic fulfillment, why Jesus wished to make his solemn entry into Jerusalem, not on a horse, after the manner of kings and emperors, but on the foal of an ass, contrary to the custom of princes. It may seem an act of humility, but prophetically it is much much more!

    Some verses that might apply to point out the difference between a prophetic horse and prophetic ass might be [Zechariah 9:10], [Micah 5:10], [Judges 5:9-10])


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