Theoblog Roundup

A few recent and interesting posts from the theoblogosphere:
  • Carl Trueman has two posts on Gregory of Nazianzus, who along with the other two Cappodocians and Athanasius, “were a kind of patristic Led Zeppelin” (part 1, part 2).
  • Justin Taylor has advice from C. S. Lewis on writing well.
  • Justin also has a list of recommended sermons and articles.
  • Here’s more on writing well in the form of a panel interview with Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, John Starke, & Justin Taylor (this guy is everywhere).
  • And for your daily dose of controversy, Scot McKnight asks whether the complementarian/egalitarian debate is central to the gospel.

That’s enough for now. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Theoblog Roundup

  1. You can read more about The Gospel Coalition (TGC) at their website:

    Most (probably all) of the folks associated with TGC are going to be strict complementarians, that is they believe that leadership/teaching roles in the church are reserved for men only. McKnight is an egalitarian, which means he believes that teaching roles in the church are open to women as well as men.

    Sometimes the discussion gets fairly intense. Thus McKnight's oath of civility.


  2. Matt, you provided links to the Gospel Coalition, and to patheos where Scot McKnight comments:

    I’m keen on hearing from Gospel Coalition folks and we promise civility.

    Can you provide some background on Scot McKnight's comments about the Gospel Coalition? Do these folks not normally agree? (And who are the Gospel Coalition?)


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