I (Withdraw my) Commend(ation of) the Komen Foundation

The big news today is the Komen Foundation’s reinstatement of Planned Parenthood’s eligibility to receive grant funds. Komen appears to have caved to pressure from a variety of fronts and has issued an apology for their previous action toward Planned Parenthood. Their flip-flopping means, of course, that I must withdraw my earlier commendation. I lament that America’s largest abortion provider will continue to receive funding from Komen. I commend Russell Moore’s comments on the issue posted at Christianity Today, “The Pink Ribbon and the Dollar Sign: The Wrong Lessons to Draw from the Komen-Planned Parenthood Debacle.”

UPDATED: February 3, 2012

The web is aflame with commentary on the recent news that the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation has ceased funding Planned Parenthood because the nation’s largest abortion provider is now under official governmental investigation. Komen, the nation’s largest breast cancer awareness organization, has withdrawn over $600,000 in grant funds from Planned Parenthood because of it’s policy to avoid partnerships with organizations under investigation. You can find the story in various places; so I’ll not rehash the details here.

Komen has faced both praise and criticism for this move, and I raise my voice to commend them for halting their funding of the company that profits from the unjust slaughter of unborn human babies. Any work that Planned Parenthood may do that actually benefits the health of women is undermined by their unapologetic war of unprovoked aggression against those in our society who have no voice of their own. To the Komen Foundation, I hope that this break is permanent and that your work from this point forward is increasingly effective. There are certainly other outlets and organizations that work for the health of women which will benefit from your support. I hope other Christian leaders will voice their support for the Komen Foundation to build their resolve to maintain their current position.

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