Preaching Holiness #UMC

I recently posted a few reflections on John Wesley’s instruction that Methodist preachers ought to preach the doctrine of holiness (or Christian perfection) “constantly, strongly, and explicitly.” Following Wesley’s advice, my January sermons were focused on the topic of Becoming Holy. Take a listen, if interested, and let me know what you think. If you are a preacher, how do you work the call to holiness into your sermons? How much homiletic time do you give to the topic? What strategies have you found helpful in introducing the concept to your congregation? What do you think are the challenges to preaching holiness? If you are a member of the laity, how often do you hear sermons on holiness? How do you respond to holiness preaching when you hear it? If you are not a preacher or part of a congregation, what do you think of the call to holiness? What are your impressions? Do you normally associate holiness with Christianity? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

One thought on “Preaching Holiness #UMC

  1. I've only listened to your first sermon and I like what you're preaching. I've been to quite a few UMC churches and I don't recall ever hearing a sermon on holiness. Sure there are sermons on being good, on charity, etc. but not on the specific idea of holiness from a Wesleyan perspective.

    Whenever I read of historic methodism, you do notice a strong emphasis on holy living. The methodist movement was at the forefront of the temperance movement. Our spiritual ancestors walked the walk and were teetotalers. Now I no longer hear any sermon against alcohol consumption. It has become normalized in our culture. I thought we are in the world, but not of the world.


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