3 Books to Understand Revelation

Revelation is the hardest book in the New Testament. With all the numbers, symbols, and images, it’s intimidating (and even scary!) to the average reader. On top of that, there’s plenty of unhelpful material out there. This video gives a quick intro to 3 books on Revelation that are accessible and rewarding. Read these and you’ll be well on your way to understanding Revelation.

  1. Revelation for Everyone by N.T. Wright
  2. Reading Revelation Responsibly by Michael J. Gorman
  3. Revelation by Robert Mulholland

Also, here’s a short essay of mine called “How to Read Revelation in Church.”

Do you have a favorite book on Revelation? Leave a comment and tell us what it is.

3 thoughts on “3 Books to Understand Revelation

  1. You are right that there is a lot of stuff out there on Revelation, and a lot that could do damage. But there is some that is helpful. You are suggesting things that are helpful to bright non-academics, which I appreciate. Great on all three authors. Wright’s Surprised by Hope is a nice follow-up, and reads nicely with C.S. Lewis’ Great Divorce (which is really about living heaven-like rather than eschatology at all–which is a good way to read Revelation too). When I was in Bible College I read a book on Revelation that pictured it as a series of stories about the whole history of salvation which I loved (though he pushed his thesis too far, I thought). I wish I could remember what that book was!


  2. Thanks for this, Matt. My favorite commentary on Revelation is the one by Grant Osborne, published by Baker Academic in 2002. He examines all the various interpretations of the book and helps readers sort through to which one is the most probable. He incorporates a lot of good cultural and historical background. He takes a cyclical view of the book, that the various sequences are in reality recapitulations of the same series of events from a different or deeper perspective. I found it quite helpful.


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